What's For Dinner: Friday Night Fish Fry

We wouldn't be true Wisconsinites if we didn't hit up a Friday Night Fish Fry for dinner. This week we headed down the street to Henkel's Town Pump. Truth be told, both D and I opted for the "broil" over the pan-fried fish. The meal was pretty tasty -- the fish was nicely seasoned and I made quick work of my cole slaw (which I'm usually not a fan of) and fry bread (aaack -- so unhealthy, and yet so delicious), but didn't quite make my way through all the french fries. The fish portion was quite generous; I brought home what would be the equivalent of at least two more servings for me. Once back at home, D and I jumped in the lake (as did Leroy, too; he's becoming quite the little swimmer!) and I swam a couple laps between our dock and the neighbor's dock to work off a little bit of my meal. Not too shabby for a Friday evening Up North!