Weekend Shenanigans: Another Trip to Briq's

Whew -- what a weekend! Saturday we had a bit of a sleep-in, then headed into town to run a few errands and grab some groceries. I picked up some of the final ingredients necessary to get my bake on (posts coming later this week!) and I also picked up some much-needed cleaning supplies to get our house into sparkling shape (still a work in progress). Later in the afternoon D and I went for a little paddle in the lake -- D and Leroy went for a little canoe ride, while I tried my hand at kayaking. (Our generous landlords offered us use of their boats while they're out of town.) I could definitely get used to lake living -- although I could do without the late-night firework shows!

After watching the Wimbledon men's final Sunday morning, D and I got Leroy strapped into the car and after a quick stop for coffee and a blueberry muffin at the Crimson Cafe, we headed out of town to explore a few potential properties. We finished the day with an (over)indulgent stop at Briq's, where we each got a Thin Mint flurry. Yikes -- there were a lot of (delicious) cookie bits (and whole cookies) in that treat, pictured above. Long story short, I definitely made sure I hit up the 6a spin class at the Y this morning.