What I'm Thankful For: Friends and Family

Here are just a few views from today's Thanksgiving feast. Many dishes were completed from the menu I proposed last week, though the appetizers didn't get made (we noshed on other stuff instead) and we skipped the green salad in favor of a simple fruit salad. D cooked up an awesome turkey and I made all of the sides I had said I would, including whole-berry cranberry sauce, wild rice with dried cherries and toasted pecans, and haricots verts with hazelnuts. In addition, my Dad made an awesome batch of mashed potatoes (delightfully lumpy, my fave!), my Mom made her traditional cranberry-apple jello salad, and my brother made a crazy-delicious maple-and-pecan-crumble-covered sweet potato dish.

I started the day by making two batches of stuffing. For inside the bird, I made a gluten-free stuffing using this Whole Foods recipe. For outside the bird, I made my traditional stuffing recipe with toasted whole-wheat bread. We had dessert a few hours after our belly-busting feast. My apple pie was a no-show, and instead I baked a pumpkin pie in the wee morning hours upon our arrival into town last night around midnight. We also enjoyed slices of a gluten-free pecan pie, which my brother Chris and his wife Ashley picked up at Jungle Jim's. The pecan pie totally kicked my pumpkin pie's butt. And rumor has it I am still in charge of making the promised apple pie before the weekend is over. Guess I'll be purchasing some apples in the near future!

In the meantime, I'm off to bed to dream and digest. Happy Thanksgiving!