Whatever Wednesday: They Say It's Your Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. A Tuesday birthday seems kind of random -- just past the weekend, but far away from the next one. And then there's that whole work day thing you have to get through before the celebrations can start. I decided to really go wild and crazy and took the night off from doing more work for the day. Looks like it might just be a 50-hour workweek this time around. (It's Death By Deadlines around these parts.) There weren't too many shenanigans for my birthday -- just a lovely bouquet of flowers, a great cocktail hour at a new restaurant down the street, dinner at Barbuzzo, and cupcakes for dessert. My big present was digital storage for my computer -- a much needed gift as my Mac is currently complaining about the huge number of photo files I have on it at the moment. As soon as I clear up disk space, I plan to install Adobe Lightroom, as I recently scored version 3 (version 4 just came out) for a real steal on Amazon. 

Here are a few pictures from my little birthday celebration...

{birthday tulips}

 {mint julep at Rex 1516}

{sunchoke soup at Barbuzzo}

{birthday cupcakes from Artisserie Chocolate Cafe}