What I'm Searching For: Sangria Inspiration

The weather is already heating up here in Philadelphia, and I've got sangria on my mind. Sangria is one of my favorite summertime cooling drinks, but I've never managed to make a batch of my own. Perhaps this weekend will be the time to change that! The big question that I must first answer is "Red or white?" Hmmm . . . though red is the traditional choice (and from which sangria gets its name), I'm kinda thinking white might be a fun choice. Are you a sangria fan? What's your go-to sangria recipe? 


  1. I love white sangria! The one served at Jaleo in DC is exactly like what we've had in Barelona.

    The secret ingredient is Licor 43 - worth it to search it out, plus it makes great cocktails.

    I posted the recipe on a very old post, eww bad photos! :) http://www.porkcracklins.net/2005/07/tapas-party/


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