What's For Breakfast: Alton Brown's French Toast

French toast was the highlight of our breakfast on Christmas morning. The secret to making a good French toast is choosing the right bread. Regular whole wheat sandwich bread just doesn't do the trick -- you really need to use a nice light, eggy bread such as brioche or challah. Though in the past I've made a simple custard with eggs, milk, and vanilla, this time around I followed Alton Brown's French toast recipe. The 498 reviewers are right -- this decadent recipe is definitely worth five stars. One tip I can share is this: if by chance you forget to leave your fresh loaf of bread out over night to get a little stale, just pop the sliced bread into the oven for a few minutes while the oven is preheating to harden the bread up a little bit. I found that this trick worked like a charm and prevented the bread from getting too soggy before cooking.