Snacktime: Chex Party Mix

You can't go on a road trip without filling the back seat full of snacks, right? For a recent long-haul car ride, I made up a large batch of Chex party mix. Sure, you can now buy the stuff pre-bagged, but it's pretty easy to make it yourself, plus you can have a little more fun with the seasonings if you make your own, too. Chex party mix reminds me of my friend Rachael and the epic Christmas parties she used to host along with my friends Jen and Maggie at their then-shared garden apartment in Chicago. (And which also was my home during a six-month stretch when I camped out on their pull-out couch before finding a job and eventually an apartment of my own.) A party just isn't a party without bowls of Chex mix scattered strategically throughout the room! I didn't reinvent the wheel in making my large batch of Chex party mix (you can find that recipe here), though I did decrease the amount of butter to just four tablespoons and used all-purpose seasoning in place of the seasoned salt.