Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where to Eat: Laramie

Mizu Sushi, which opened in Laramie this past January, is a welcome addition to the international cuisine scene in town. D and I have eaten there on several occasions, and have always enjoyed a great meal. The service is friendly and attentive; as soon as you accidentally drop a napkin on the floor, a new one is placed by your side. The ingredients are fresh and the flavors are rich. This time around, D and I visited Mizu along with my parents, who are in town this week. Though D and I typically share an order of sushi, tonight D branched out and tried a noodle dish. I stuck with my standard vegetarian sushi rolls. We started our meal off with a generous bowl of edamame. My parents opted to share an order of egg rolls to start off their meal.


{egg rolls}

Next, I had a bowl of miso soup (mmm, so salty and delicious!). Not a drop of soup was left in the bowl when I was done.

{miso soup}

D opted to have the shrimp and sliced pork vermicelli for his entree. The noodles came in a ginormous bowl; D nearly conquered the dish, though there was still a bit left over when he reached his food-intake limit.

{shrimp and sliced pork vermicelli}

I decided to be boring and got a typical order of cucumber rolls and avocado rolls. Unfortunately, they do not have tamago (sweet egg omelette) rolls (one of my favorites). I made quick work of getting the rolls into my stomach--and tested my ability to consume wasabi without completely clearing my sinuses at the same time.

{cucumber rolls and avocado rolls}

Mizu Sushi is located in a rather large building, with the sushi counter serving as a focal point against one wall in the middle of the space. The restaurant is decorated with a modern flair, and features tranquil colors and mostly muted artwork, though the back wall is dominated by a large separated mural of Katsushika Hokasai's "Great Wave Off Kanagawa" artwork.

Mizu Sushi
307 S Third Street
Laramie, WY 82070
(307) 745-3888
Open daily 11a to 9p.

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