What Made the List: A Less Processed Life's Top 5 Posts of 2017

The middle of January seems to be the ideal time to post the Top 5 Posts of 2017. Better late than never, right? You may have noticed that my posting schedule went a little silent over the past year. To be perfectly honest, it just seemed frivolous to post about a new cocktail recipe or the like when it seemed like we were (and continue to) live in the Upside Down.

Add that to the fact that my work schedule (the work that, uh, actually helps to pay the bills around here, unlike this little food blog) went from crazy to super-crazy last year, well, something had to give. And as we can see by this post occuring when January is already half-over, well, I think we can see how this year might go as well.

However, this past weekend I spent some time catching up with a large pile of magazines that were gathering dust in the corner (or, whatever the digital equivalent of that is, given that the majority of my subscriptions are delivered on my Kindle). And as you may have guessed, a lot of those magazines revolve around food. And I pinned a ton of new recipes. Inspiration I have aplenty; the time to cook them up (and more importantly, the time and wherewithal to take a photo of the results to post on the blog) is TBD.

All that to say, my presence on this little corner of the web may remain a little spotty at best in 2018, too. (Apologies to my two readers, ha ha.) But I'll try to pop in here when I can and share some delicious new recipes as the year progresses.

But in the meantime, let's take a look at the Best of 2017: