What's For Breakfast: Make Ahead Yogurt Parfaits

Breakfast is ready in a jiffy when your fridge is stocked with these delicious (and nutritious!) make ahead yogurt parfaits.

Make Ahead Yogurt Parfaits || A Less Processed Life

Dustin is working several days a week from Madison this month, so I've been prepping healthy meals and snacks that he can bring with him.

Make Ahead Yogurt Parfaits || A Less Processed Life

I love yogurt parfaits. They are typically a mix of fruit, yogurt, and granola, are simple to make, and are endlessly adaptable. These make ahead yogurt parfaits take convenience one step further by using frozen berries straight from the freezer.

Make Ahead Yogurt Parfaits || A Less Processed Life

You can use your favorite plain or flavored yogurt for this recipe. We tend to buy protein-packed plain Greek yogurt, so I stir in a little pure maple syrup to slightly sweeten the yogurt.

Make Ahead Yogurt Parfaits || A Less Processed Life

The parfaits are layered with granola and generously topped with it, too. For these parfaits, I used my favorite (of late) citrusy maple-cinnamon granola. A batch of these parfaits will keep in the fridge for several days and, when made in a jar, are perfectly portable.

Make Ahead Yogurt Parfaits (printer-friendly version)
makes 3 parfaits

2 1/2 cups plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon maple syrup [to sweeten yogurt, optional]
3/4 cup frozen berries, divided
3/4 cup granola, divided

1. In a small bowl, stir together the yogurt and maple syrup to sweeten, if desired.
2. Add two tablespoons of yogurt to the bottom of a jar.
3. Layer with 1 tablespoon berries and 1 tablespoon granola.
4. Repeat until you have filled the jar -- depending on the size of the jar, you will probably have at least four layers.
5. Cover with a lid and refrigerate for up to three days.