What's For Breakfast: Valentine's Eggy-in-a-(Heart-Shaped)-Basket

While there are plenty of fancier things you could make for a Valentine's Day breakfast, sometimes going the simple route can be just as tasty. (And will leave you with a much cleaner kitchen!) Case in point, this eggy-in-a-(heart-shaped)-basket. All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter, some bread, butter, and an egg to whip up this simple-but-delicous breakfast.

If you want to set a more romantic scene, grab a bottle of champagne and some orange juice and serve mimosas on the side. Or, if you're in a down-home kind of mood, cook up some homefries or hashbrowns to serve alongside this savory egg-n-toast combination.

makes one serving

1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 slice of bread
1 egg
fine sea salt and freshly-cracked black pepper

1. Melt the butter in a skillet over medium heat.
2. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut a heart shape out of the center of the slice of bread. Place the slice of bread into the skillet and slide it around a little bit to coat it in the butter.
3. Crack an egg into the hole in the bread slice. After the egg has set, flip the slice of bread over and cook it on the other side, about 1-2 minutes more. (Cook it shorter or longer depending on how runny you like your egg.)
4. While the egg is cooking, add the heart-cutout into the skillet and toast on both sides.
5. Remove from the heat and set on a plate to serve. Season the egg to taste with salt and pepper.