What We're Doing: Moving

Two weeks ago we closed on our first house. (Goodbye rent, hello mortgage!) Two weeks later and we've nearly moved all our stuff from our lakeside cottage into our new home just a few miles down the road. Long story short, we've spent most evenings this week schlepping boxes and furniture from one home to the other, and rather than take the time to cook up a meal, we've eaten out most nights. (Not to mention that both our kitchens are currently in shambles!) On the positive side, I finally got a chance to try the local Mexican restaurant -- and I was happy to discover that it was actually pretty good. A ginormous margarita didn't hurt, either. (Maybe after our move is complete D and I will have to go back and split the 40 oz (!!) version.) Anyway, just wanted to pop in to say "hello!" and apologize for the light posting this week. Hopefully we'll get our kitchen set up this weekend so I can cook up some new recipes to share next week. Happy weekend! 


  1. Yay, congratulations, you two! You really are a big deal. :)

  2. Congrats you guys!! Excited to see your new life in the woods unfold. :)


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