What I'm Ready For: Picnic Season

Oh, how I love three-day weekends. (Have I ever mentioned that my preferred work-week would be Tuesday-Thursday from 10a to 2p? Yeah ... I'll keep on dreaming about that one.) And the arrival of Memorial Day this weekend indicates that Picnic Season is upon us. Of course, where you live, picnic season may have already long been underway. However, up here in the Northwoods, spring has only just sprung. And while we may have had temperatures in the mid-80s earlier this week, last night we were under a frost/freeze warning. So, yeah, summer isn't quite here yet. But, even if the daily temperatures are in the mid-60s, as long as the sun is shining, I think there's no reason why you couldn't break out the picnic basket and a big ol' blanket, and set out for an afternoon adventure with food in tow. (And if the weather isn't accommodating, just unfurl that blanket inside and share a picnic indoors!) Below are some of my favorite options for picnicking from my blog archives.