What's For Dinner: Double-Bean Breakfast Burrito

Let's take a break from all the Yosemite-love for a little dinner recipe, shall we? While on vacay in California I had one of my favorite breakfast treats -- a breakfast burrito. These breakfast entrees always have the tendency to be huge and I never seem to manage to eat a whole one in a single sitting. But, man, are they good! And, it goes without saying, quite filling! Oh, and more thing -- they taste just as good at dinnertime as they do at breakfast.

Double-Bean Breakfast Burrito (printer-friendly version)
serves one

2 eggs, scrambled
salt and pepper, to taste
refried beans
pinto beans, heated
shredded cheese
flour tortilla

So, this isn't so much a recipe as just fairly-simple instructions for constructing a breakfast burrito. This particular double-bean burrito includes pinto beans in two forms -- refried and whole beans. I went the easy route and used canned beans for both...one of these days I'll have to try and refry my own. This refried bean recipe looks like a pretty easy one to try. To make my burritos, I warmed the flour tortilla in a skillet, then added a thin layer of refried beans. Next, in the center of the tortilla, I added the scrambled eggs (seasoned with salt and pepper), a couple spoonfuls of pinto beans, another couple spoonfuls of salsa, and a healthy handful of shredded cheese. To roll the burrito, first fold in both sides, then carefully roll it up from the bottom. (Alternately, fold in both sides, then kind of smoosh the remaining two sides together while flipping it over. -- This seems to be my preferred technique.) I served my burrito alongside a green salad dressed with salsa and some tortilla chip fragments (what can I say, I love a little crunch on my salad!) -- taco-seasoned rice would also make a great accompaniment.