Friday, April 20, 2012

What I'm Doing: Making a List


We're leaving the City of Brotherly Love in a few months, but before we go, there are a few things I'd like to do/see and places where I'd like to eat and/or drink before we go. I think it's time to make a list of all these things so that I can mark them off, one by one!

Things to Do:
Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art (though I have already done the traditional Rocky-style run up the museum steps) -- we've got to get there before the Vincent van Gogh exhibit leaves town! [Whoops, missed van Gogh!]
Go to a Phillies game [complete as of 5/23]
Revisit Independence Hall and see the Liberty Bell (I was last there during a 4th grade field trip . . . I wonder if the Liberty Bell looks more or less impressive now.) [complete as of 5/28]
Do the Broad Street Run (we're signed up!) [complete!]
Hit up John's Water Ice (President Obama's pick for water ice)
Check out the Rodin Museum if it re-opens in time
Visit the Franklin Institute (it's a science museum; perhaps the Philly office needs to take a field trip for work purposes?)

Where to Eat:
Vedge [complete as of 5/15 -- order the cheesecake!]
Talula's Garden [complete as of 5/22 -- delicious farro risotto]
The Franklin Fountain [complete as of 5/29]
Bassett's Ice Cream
Brunch at Supper [complete as of 5/26 ... and 5/27]
Federal Donuts
Le Virtù
Grab a bite from one of the food trucks in LOVE Park -- maybe a tostada verde from Guapos Tacos and a cupcake from Buttercream?

Where to Drink:
R2L [complete as of 5/8 -- delicious Pimm's Cup]
Mixto [complete as of 4/20 -- awesome mojitos!]
The Franklin Bar

So, Philadelphians -- what have I missed? What should be on my must do/see/eat/drink list before we leave town?

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