Where to Drink: Brick American Eatery

The other night we had good news to celebrate, so D and I headed over to a new restaurant in our neighborhood, Brick American Eatery. We got there during happy hour, and both ordered a Brick margarita. Oh my, it was so good! This margarita featured Sauza Hornitos Plata tequila, Courvoisier Rose, and homemade sour mix. With 30 seconds to spare before the end of happy hour, we got our order in for a second round -- a mighty good decision, indeed.

Edited to Add: We just went to Brick again last night (4/11) for dinner (yay, Groupon!), and I have to say, the margarita was distinctly underwhelming. No longer served in a martini glass, and heavy on the artificial-tasting sour mix, this was not the same Brick margarita I had enjoyed two weeks ago. Consider yourself warned.