What's For Dinner: A Valentine's Meal

Yeah, Valentine's was two days ago. But on the 14th, a random electrical problem in our apartment meant several of the outlets in our kitchen, including the one providing power to our oven, weren't working. Sure, we could have lit the burners old-school style, but it seemed a lot less dangerous to just order in some food from our favorite Indian restaurant down the street instead. Though our electrical problem was fixed yesterday morning, in the evening I was busy working late to meet a deadline for work, so D whipped up an egg "mcmuffin" for me to eat while I edited away. Finally, tonight the stars aligned and D set to work cooking dinner for the two of us.

Our meal started with an appetizer of fresh mozzarella, basil, black pepper, and olive oil.

For the main course, D cooked up a fantastic meal of scallops with white wine sauce served over angel hair pasta. His inspiration for the dish came from this recipe. The pasta was delicious, as were the wild-caught scallops. Yum!

And of course, you can't forget dessert! I kind of cheated a little by picking up two individual cheesecakes from Whole Foods rather than making something from scratch. I also opted to be frugal over romantic, and saved $2 by choosing the round cheesecakes rather than the heart-shaped ones. Regardless of shape, they were quite tasty -- and a pretty great deal at just $1.98 for two.