Three-Day Weekend Shenanigans: Where'd The Time Go?

I had such high hopes for this long weekend -- get ahead with some work items, do some baking, and get in a little rest and relaxation. Of those three items, I can for sure check at least one item off, as the whoopie pies are currently cooling on a wire rack next to me as I type this. Fingers crossed they taste good! I have yet to make the marshmallow filling, but I figured I'd let them all cool down first and make dinner in the meantime.

The only other thing I accomplished this weekend was getting in a little bit of rest -- I think we slept in every day of the weekend! I also caught up on some magazine reading on my Kindle (I'm nearly through with the January issue of O Magazine, I think I'm now only about four magazines behind in my reading!).

I love three-day weekends, I just wish they didn't always seem to fly by so fast! Guess I'll have another chance to use my time wisely when Presidents' Day rolls around next month. Now, off to make some marshmallow filling and finish up those whoopie pies!