Monday, December 19, 2011

Nepal Trek Day Twelve: Dingboche - Debuche

Over the next three weeks, I'm taking a trip down memory lane with a look back at our trip to Nepal last December. For all of the entries about our trek, click here.

The worst part of our twelfth day of trekking was that I woke up that morning with little sleep as I had spent most of the night up with a horrible cough (this marked only day five of my antibiotic regimen). We hit the trail around 9:15a after breakfast. Today's hike included a lot of retracing our steps. I was super-happy to hear that we would be heading down toward Lower Pangboche, rather than taking the death-defying trail out of Upper Pangboche on our way to Debuche. 

We arrived in Debuche around 12p and immediately headed to the dining room for lunch. Following our meal, D and I got a small pot of black tea to share and relaxed while listening to a few more episodes of This American Life (our new favorite activity) on my iPod. Later in the afternoon, Dilip was tasked with taking D and me up to the Tengboche Monastery, where we spent some time wandering around the grounds. 

We returned to our lodge around 3:30p and spent some more time chilling (literally and figuratively) out before dinner. We were both still a little hunger after our meal, so we ordered some apple pie (really, more like apple baked inside a dough roll) to share for dessert. It was pretty tasty!

Given the low-light conditions (we ate dinner by the light of our headlamps), we soon headed off to bed. We'd be up early in the morning to make our way from Debuche back to Khumjung and on to Namche for the night. 

1. Ready to leave Dingboche, 2. Morning mountain view, 3. Along the trail, 4. Along the trail, 5. Trail view, 6. Gateway, 7. Stupa along the trail, 8. Suspension bridge!, 9. Hey little buddy!, 10. Lodge menu, 11. What're you looking at?, 12. Tengboche Monastery, 13. Me at the Tengboche Monastery, 14. Dilip, 15. Our lodge in Debuche lodge

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