Nepal Trek Day Ten: Pangboche - Dingboche

Over the next three weeks, I'm taking a trip down memory lane with a look back at our trip to Nepal last December. For all of the entries about our trek, click here.

{Dingboche at dusk}

I woke up feeling a bit better today. After breakfast, we packed up our stuff and headed onto the trail around 9:15a. Today's hike was pretty low-key as it was mostly flat with just a few steep inclines. So much better than yesterday's hike! We arrived in Dingboche around noon. After dropping our stuff into our room, we headed to the dining room for lunch. After lunch D and I got a small thermos of hot chocolate to share, and sat outside for awhile reading our books (I spent the majority of the trek reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). After awhile, I retreated back to our room after the wind picked up (we were at 14,000+ feet so it was already quite chilling to begin with). Luckily our room had a window seat, where I perched with a pillow and continued to read for a while in the warm sunlight. 

Later in the afternoon, D and I took a short hike around the village, and I took a few photos of the surrounding mountains in the last light of the day. Pretty gorgeous views as usual. We headed into the dining room for dinner around 5p. Tonight I ordered a veggie burger with "finger chips" -- oh, it was so good. Kind of embarrassing that one of the best meals I had to date in Nepal was a veggie burger, but there you go. 

Prior to retreating to bed, we discussed our plan for the morning. D and Bharat would head up to Chukkung Ri around 5:30a, while I would stay back at the lodge and eat breakfast. Later, I would head to Chukkung with Dilip leading the way, and there we would meet up the other two after they had summited the mountaintop.

1. Village of Pangboche, 2. Along the trail, 3. Mountains views, 4. Bird!, 5. Himalayan goats, 6. Rimpoche holy site, 7. Me and the mountains, 8. Bridge crossing, 9. Mountains around Dingboche, 10. View from our lodge room, 11. Lodge menu, 12.  Sunshine hitting the tops of the mountains, 13. Evening lights hits the mountains around Dingboche, 14. Dingboche at dusk , 15. Veggie burger and finger chips (yum!!)