What I'm Searching For: Christmas Cookie Inspiration

Now that I'm ready to fully embrace the holiday season (or, let's face it, it's now socially acceptable to embrace the holiday season; I may or may not have listened to some Christmas music way before the Thanksgiving holiday passed), it's time to think about what cookies I'll be baking this year. Though my waistline may protest, I do have plans to make several batches. Top on the list are peanut butter blossoms and milk chocolate cookies with malted cream, both of which are D's favorites that he's already requested to be made. My personal favorites are spritz cookies (though, sadly, we lack a cookie gun) and chocolate crinkles. I searched a few of my favorite resources (including Food & Wine) and found recipes for both of our favorites as well as several new delicious-looking options.

What are your favorite cookies to bake for the holidays? What new recipes 
should I try?


  1. Those chocolate mint thumbprints are really good - it's what I'm baking for a blogger cookie swap on Saturday.


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