What I'm Lusting Over: More Stuff For the Kitchen

Given our confined kitchen space and overall lack of storage, there's a good chance I won't be making any more purchases for the kitchen anytime soon. Doesn't mean a girl can't look though, right? Here are a few things that have caught my eye of late.


1. Juicer
Do you juice? I've heard great things about juicing, especially in terms of getting in your daily servings of fruits and veggies. I have a feeling if we'd had a juicer this past summer, we would have been a lot more successful at eating all the veggies in our CSA boxes. I've got my eye on this Breville Compact Juice Fountain to join the gadget family in our future kitchen.


2. Fun Dish Towels
I'm a big fan of kitchen textiles. (Is that a weird thing to admit to?) The quirkier and brighter the print, the better. If  I had my way, I'd have drawers full of fun tea towels, dishrags, placemats, and napkins. Though kitchen stores are a fun place to browse, I could get lost for hours looking through the wares on Etsy, such as the tea towels shown above sold by Kei & Molly Textiles of New Mexico. 

3. Loose Tea Brewer/Portable Cup
I've been drinking a daily cup of green tea as part of my mid-morning snack. For ease and convenience I've been using tea bags, but in the future I'd like to give loose tea a whirl. This portable tea brewer and tea cup looks like the perfect option for those wanting to drink tea on the go. 


  1. I LIVE by my juicer. I like to make a pitcher of something delicious and have it for a few days then. That is a def. buy!


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