What I'm Reading: Magazines, and Lots of 'Em

Given that I'm an editor, it should come as no surprise that I'm a big fan of the printed word. In addition to making good use of my Philadelphia Free Library card, I also am an avid subscriber to several magazines. In fact, given the number of magazines to which I currently subscribe, I think there's a good chance that I'm solely responsible for keeping the magazine industry afloat.

Though I am kind of tempted to purchase an iPad as a means to read my magazines without singlehandedly downing forests left and right, there's something about the tactile pleasure of flipping through the print magazine, tearing out pages, and folding page corners, that you just don't get from an electronic device. I suppose that's also why I haven't gotten into Kindles, Nooks, or other e-readers. (Although I can see how useful these devices would be for travel--sometimes it's hard to choose just one beach read or find room for that 500-page novel in my luggage!)

As a break from posting recipes, I thought I'd share with you some of the magazines that currently grace my mailbox on a monthly basis (and clutter up the house, according to D--which is a fact I suppose I can't deny!).

First up -- fitness magazines.

I first became a subscriber to Runner's World in 2005 after training for and running a half-marathon and starting a training program for the Chicago Marathon. I found the magazine's running tips, Q and As, gear recommendations, and general interest stories useful, engaging, and often times inspirational. I let my subscription lapse sometime in 2008 after taking a "sabbatical" from running following my less-than-stellar performance at the hot, humid, (and eventually cancelled) 2007 Chicago Marathon. As I've picked up running again this year since our move back to sea level, I've found myself craving more information about running, including technique and nutrition advice. The magazine had a special subscription rate for Twitter followers a month or so ago, so I re-upped. So far, I'm glad I re-subscribed. Several new columnists have been added since I last read the magazine, including one by Peter Sagal of NPR's Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me fame.

I don't remember exactly why I started to subscribe to Women's Health. I must have received a subscription deal that I just couldn't refuse. Things I like most about this magazine are the fitness tips, workout ideas, and healthy recipes. Some of the content is a bit Cosmo-esque, including the requisite sex tips and "5 Ways to Do This" or "10 Tips to Do That" type articles, but the more hard-hitting articles definitely make up for the lighter material.

Self is definitely the "fluffiest" of the fitness magazines to which I subscribe. It's a bit more celebrity/fashion-centric than Runner's World or Women's Health. Each issue of Self often has tear-out fitness and recipe cards. I've found that the fitness cards are quite handy to use as inspiration for workouts while traveling or as something different to do at home when I don't feel like going for a run or heading to the gym.

Three magazines down, only six more to go! Coming up next week: lifestyle/travel magazines.