What's For Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Scallions and Shiitake Mushrooms

Aren't these scrambled eggs just a gorgeous shade of yellow? Our new egg source is Mountain View Poultry Farm, a vendor at the Headhouse Farmers' Market, from whom each Sunday we pick up a carton of eggs that come from pasture-raised hens. These eggs don't come cheap -- $4.95 per dozen -- but I'm willing to pay a premium for eggs that come from a source I can trust.

For breakfast, I sauteed up some cremini mushrooms and white scallions from our CSA box, which D then added to the scrambled eggs he was making. Served on the side were some hashbrown potatoes. Eggs 'n' taters -- makes for quite the filling farmer's breakfast -- now I'm definitely ready to tackle the day!

Edited to add: You can also find me over at the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative CSA Recipe Group blog today with a recipe for vegetarian pad thai.