Ingredient Spotlight: CSA Box #5

This week's box from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative included:

1 Head Green Butterhead Lettuce - Echo Valley Organics
1 Bunch Garlic Scapes - Burkholders Organics
1 Bunch Dinosaur Kale - Life Enhancing Acres
1 Head Green Romaine Lettuce - Bellview Organics
1 Package White Mushrooms - Mother Earth Organics
1 Bunch Red Kale - Maple Lawn Organics

We've got a lot of kale to eat this week -- and oh, man, we are seriously behind in eating all of the greens we've been receiving each week! I've definitely got to get us on the salad train, stat.


  1. Great blog, Susan! Thanks for sharing on the CSA Group Recipe Blog. The greens do tend to quickly pile up this time of year, don't they? I love to quick boil them and then sautee with in some olive oil with onions and garlic. We eat them then as is, on sandwiches, in soups or for breakfast with scrambled tofu.
    You can never eat too much kale, right?!:)


    Annette Ramke
    Holistic Health Coach


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