Weekend Shenanigans: Easter Edition

My folks arrived on Friday afternoon, and once a parking spot was procured, I gave them the grand tour of our apartment. Leroy wasn't too sure about the new people in his space, but by the end of the evening he was becoming a little less tentative around them. It probably helped that they gifted him with a stuffed squirrel to play with; he took no time in beginning the process of tearing it apart. (By Sunday afternoon, Leroy had successfully performed a de-squeaker surgery on the poor stuffed toy.)

Since we haven't yet left Leroy alone, we opted to stay in Friday night for dinner, and ordered pizza from Lazaro's. We opted for a "jumbo" margherita pizza, and it was no joke. (The slices were literally bigger than our plates.) There was probably half a pizza leftover after we had our fill -- it was a very good thin-crust, New York-style pizza. We'll definitely have to order it again -- but perhaps go with a smaller size next time around. After letting the pizza digest, we finished our meal with a slice of red velvet cake that my parents had brought from Costco along with a cup of coffee.

On Saturday morning, D and I met my parents at their hotel. After D headed off with Leroy to the dog store, I walked with my parents to Reading Terminal Market, which was teeming with people. I made a couple of purchases, including some pumpkin butter and Grade B maple syrup from an Amish foodstand and a loaf of brioche bread from Metropolitan Bakery. After wandering around the crowded aisles of the market we headed back out and over to Macy's in the historic Wanamaker Building to hear the 12p organ concert. The Wanamaker Organ was originally built for the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, and was bought by John Wanamaker for his store in 1909. The organ is the world's largest functional pipe organ. The concert was a little lackluster, given that apparently the organists aren't allowed to play it full bore; however, just seeing the instrument itself was quite impressive.

Following the concert, my mom and I continued shopping while my dad headed back to the apartment to help D with some handyman projects. Mom and I lunched at Le Pain Quotidien, where I had a ricotta and fig tartine (open-faced sandwich) which was delish. I definitely have plans to make my own version soon. I had a mint lemonade along with the tartine, which was super-refreshing given the humid conditions outside. After checking out a few more stores, my mom and I returned to the apartment to check out D and my dad's handiwork. Now we've got peepholes and an adjustable thermostat installed -- yea!

Saturday evening D stayed home with Leroy while I went out for dinner with my parents at McCormick & Schmick's. I had an excellent pan-seared wild caught salmon with a balsamic reduction served over vegetable orzo. (Another meal I'll have to replicate at home!) On the way back to the apartment, I stopped in at the closing Border's (sigh), where I picked up two dog training books that were 40 percent off. The scene inside the bookstore was a bit depressing. Our local store had made the first round of cuts, but got chopped in the second round. I'm not quite sure when their final closing date is, but I may have to head back to see if there are any other deals to be had.

On Sunday my parents came over for brunch, and we dined on French toast (look for the recipe later this week), bacon, and coffee cake. My mom gifted us with a ginormous bowl of chocolate eggs and bunnies from Aglamesis Brothers, which I hope will last us for quite awhile! (I've currently got it safely stowed away out of my sight...) These be-suited bunnies remind me of my childhood, as they were always a part of my brother's and my Easter baskets growing up.

Following naps, D and I headed out for a walk with Leroy, and I stopped in at Whole Foods to pick up a few ingredients for that evening's dinner. Around 7p we enjoyed a meal of almond and parmesan-crusted tilapia (another recipe to look for later this week -- thanks for the link, Sheila!), green beans, and quinoa. Dessert was again Costco red velvet cake -- I think we're down to just two servings left. We called it a night around 9p and said our goodbyes to my parents, who head back to Ohio on Monday. Since D had to get up early Monday morning to catch a plane to Tennessee, we all went to bed shortly after.

All in all, a fun weekend in Philly with my parents. Hopefully next time they visit, Leroy will be good to spend some time along, and we'll be a little less tethered to the house. Though the forecast called for rain most of the weekend, we managed to dodge most of the raindrops, and Sunday's weather was actually quite sunny and warm. I can't believe tomorrow's forecast includes a high of 84 degrees -- I don't think I'm quite ready for a hot and humid summer just yet!