Monday, February 21, 2011

Philly Takeout: Di Bruno Bros.

When D and I came to town for a weekend last November to find a place to live, we started out our mornings with a fresh pastry and coffee (er, hot chocolate for me) at Di Bruno Bros., a specialty grocery store located just a couple blocks from the hotel we were staying at on Chestnut Street. The other night when I couldn't find any inspiration in the kitchen, we decided to go for a walk and find something for takeout. We ended up at Di Bruno Brothers, and found some great options to take home for dinner.

I picked up a Mediterranean wrap sandwich,
which featured a filling of cabbage, olives, hummus, and feta.

D picked up a chicken caesar salad.

And we also picked up a Swiss cheese vegetable quiche to share.

Once home we heated up the quiche and dug in. I actually made myself a salad on the side with some spinach, strawberries, and Parmesan cheese we had in the fridge, and managed to fill myself up to the point where I saved the wrap sandwich for lunch the next day.

The food was excellent - and a nice change from our standard takeout fare of Qdoba or Jimmy John's. Next time, though, we will definitely have to pick up something for dessert from the pastry case!

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