What's For Lunch: Lentil Soup Served Over Rice

Last year I was in a bit of a soup rut -- I had soup nearly everyday for lunch, picked from a variety of Progresso soups that I kept on hand in the cupboard. Then one day I took a look at the sodium content in the soups and had a bit of a double-take -- there's a TON of salt in these soups, and if you eat the whole can of soup in one sitting, as I used to do, you are eating over half of your RDI for sodium in just one meal. (Yikes!) I swore off canned soups shortly thereafter. However, the one thing I love about canned soups is how simple a choice it is for a meal -- just dump the contents into a pot, warm on the stove, and in a few minutes it's ready to eat. Can't get much easier than that! As autumn approaches, I find myself craving a warm lunch, and I've decided to give canned soup a second chance. My ideal soup is low in sodium, but rich in whole ingredients.

My new soup of choice:

A look at the ingredients:

Amy's soups fit my requirements. In order to ensure that I keep my sodium intake low, I am trying to limit myself to eating only half a can of soup in one sitting, which is actually the given serving size. As it is often the case, I had a bunch of jasmine rice left over from a recent dinner, so I re-warmed the rice in the microwave, then served the lentil soup over the rice -- my easy take on dal baht! The addition of rice definitely helped to satiate my hunger, meaning I no longer need to eat the whole can of soup in one sitting!