What's For Dinner: Greek Pizza

While at the grocery store this morning to pick up my post-workout chai latte, I wandered around the aisles hoping for a little dinnertime inspiration. I saw some whole wheat flatbread in the bakery and decided it would make an excellent base for a Greek pizza. Since we already had feta cheese and olives in the fridge, all it took was a quick whirl around the produce section to pick up a red onion and tomato, and the plan for dinner was well underway.

Come 6p, while I caught up on dish duty, I set D to work on getting the pizza fixins' ready. After chopping up some onion and olives and slicing up a tomato, we were ready to put the pizza together. D liberally doused the bread with olive oil, then spread on the toppings, starting with the feta cheese, then the red onion, then the olives, and finally the tomato slices. We cooked the pizza in an oven pre-heated to 400 degrees for 20 minutes. We let it cool for a few minutes and then served up some slices -- really good and super easy for a weeknight dinner.