Monday, February 15, 2010

Where to Eat: Laramie

Since I had today off due to Presidents' Day (yea, presidents!) I cajoled D into taking a long lunch (no break for the university!) and we headed out to eat at Sweet Melissa's. This restaurant caters to vegetarians and has a number of tasty options on its menu. Today, D and I both opted for the grilled wrap with roasted vegetables and basil walnut pesto. It was super-tasty and definitely hit the spot. Though we were too full to even think about dessert today, on previous occasions we have indulged, and I can definitely recommend their carrot cake. In addition to being delicious, the slice of cake that is served is also quite generous.

If you happen to stop by this spot for dinner, consider getting a cocktail before or after your meal (or heck, before AND after) at the Front Street Tavern, which recently opened next door to Sweet Melissa's. The bartender makes a heck of a mojito.

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