And Thus It Begins

Following breakfast, D and I headed out to the local grocery store to pick up a few ingredients missing from our pantry: whole-wheat flour, (unrefined) coconut oil, dry beans, and a TON of fresh produce including oranges, lemons (soda will be replaced by water with lemon), limes, avocados, and a couple sweet potatoes. We will need to hit up a speciality store to find a few other things, including wheat berries and dried fruit. There are two natural foods stores in town--Whole Earth Grainery and Big Hollow Food Co-op. Whole Earth Grainery carries bulk organic flours and other items and Big Hollow Food Co-op carries a variety of foods including organic dairy products, bulk grains, and organic meats. Tomorrow we will visit Big Hollow when it reopens following the New Year's holiday; Whole Earth Grainery is closed until January 19th. If we don't find the items we need at either place we will have to head down to Fort Collins, home to the nearest Whole Foods Market.

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