Saying Goodbye to Processed Foods

We just cleaned out the cupboards -- gone is the white granulated sugar, all-purpose flour, and any foods with artificial flavors, "natural flavors," and any other dubious ingredients. (Oh, Nutella, how I shall miss thee.) Starting tomorrow, the plan is to cut out all processed foods from our diet and rely solely on whole ingredients. Meaning, no more honey nut Cheerios for breakfast, no more soda (ubiquitous corn syrup and artificial colors), and in general, no more meals from a pouch, box, or can (aside from whole canned items such as beans or vegetables, so long as there are no additional ingredients). Our initial goal is to go the whole month of January without eating any processed foods; and once that goal is (hopefully) met, we will reevaluate our diet.

The plan for this blog is to record the contents and preparation of our meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and the challenges we face as we make a drastic change to what we typically eat. It should be an interesting ride!

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