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Scenes from a Vacation: Yosemite

What I'm Doing: Getting Back in the Groove of Things

Where I'm At: On Vacation

What's For Dessert: Warm Fresh Peach Sauce over Vanilla Ice Cream

What I'm Doing: Sweating It Out

What's Baking: My Mom's Peach Kuchen

Made From Scratch: Hummingbird Nectar

What's For Dinner: Quesafajita with a Taco on the Side

What's Baking: Blueberry Crumb Bars

What I'm Snacking On: Curry Popcorn

Weekend Shenanigans: Another Trip to Briq's

What's For Dinner: Friday Night Fish Fry

What I'm Going to Make If the Heat Ever Dies Down

What We're Celebrating: The Fourth of July

What's On the Side: Boiled Red Potatoes

What I'm Eating: Dinner of Champions

Scenes from the Weekend: Lake Living